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We are an independent studio of game development. We create and distribute video games, for mobile devices as well as desktop or console platforms.

Skull Legends

Defend yourself with towers, shoot your powerful bow and don’t let the skeleton warriors cross your battle lines!

A brilliant evolution combining classic tower defense games with first person shooter. Strategy and action like you’ve never experienced before, in a fantastic, epic world with incredible 3D graphics.


· 24 game levels across 4 different sceneries

· 15 different skeleton warriors of legendary cultures

· 6 types of defense towers with 4 upgrade levels each, plus 3 types of barrier elements

· Dark Book with all the information about all elements that appear in the game: skeleton warriors, defense towers, bows, magic arrows, combat bracers and potions.

· Spectacular 3D graphics, with high-definition version for iPad.

· Over 25 achievement badges to unlock.

· 2 levels of difficulty, and coming soon a third extra-hard level.

· Superb original soundtrack.

· In-game purchases available, but not required to complete the full game.

Teaser trailer
Gameplay video

Skull Legends Materia Works